Family Reportage

Why would you want a documentary or reportage photographer?

collecting the images - keepsakes - that make up the unremarkable but supremely beautiful moments that punctuate a family day.

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Silver - £495

3-4  hours

15 images

Images from morning, an afternoon or evening where we have an opportunity to spend a few hours in an environment that is familiar and easy for you and your family. This may be going for a walk or simply sitting at home making some dinner. It will always be 2 - 3 hours. These things take time. We aren't trying for a staged shoot here.

I hover on the periphery and observe, capturing moments that slip by. Reportage and Documentary photographic practice is where directing takes a back seat and the images captured are those born from your everyday life. These are the most beautiful moments and they are happening every minute of the day.

My work is to capture them for you.. 

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Gold - 695

4-5 Hours

25 Images

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Platinum £995

7-8 hours

45 digital images 

6 x 4 prints of all final images in gloss of matt

30% discount on Wall Art Packages

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A Day In The Life Of

45 images selected and arranged into a photo book in a presentation box. 

30% discount on Wall Art Packages

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Photo Books




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Wall Art Packages

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

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