Corporate Photography*


Corporate photography

Businesses don’t just appear. They are developed from experience, ideas, all night brainstorms, ideas on the back of napkins, big visions and chances taken, all carefully moulded, loved and nurtured.

How can all of this be captured to tell the unique story of your business? By getting to know your business, I will be able to observe both the big things and the small things that make your business unique, and, most importantly, the people who make it all happen. 

Once everyone is comfortable, through my documentary style of photography, I will take images of work in action, capturing what makes your business thrive. 

Why hire a corporate photographer?

You may want to document your business in this way for a number of reasons; for your website or LinkedIn, to illustrate grant applications, portfolios or annual reports prospectuses or organigrams. My corporate photography includes:

  • Corporate events
  • Corporate headshots
  • Conference photography
  • Business storytelling
  • Organisational charts

What's next?

Do you have a project or corporate event that you would like professionally photographed?

Or perhaps you would like me to come to your place of work to take staff portraits amidst the action?

Give me a call and we can  discuss the best way to capture the spirit of your business.